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How does the Flipper Cleaner work?

The patented design allows the inside cleaner to Flip from a large pad scrubber to a hard algae busting scraper by simply rotating the outside handle.  You can switch back from scrubber to scraper all you want without ever reaching in your tank!  

Why do I need to keep my aquarium clean?

Some algae is healthy in a tank and coralline algae is often desired when it is attached to rocks and other surfaces.  However, algae can also build up quickly on aquarium walls. With frequent cleaning, the algae remains very manageable and allows you to keep your tank crystal clear for viewing.

How often do I want to clean my aquarium?

Every day or two, it helps to use the pad side of Flipper Cleaner to quickly wipe away diatoms that build up so they don’t become a bigger problem later.  Scraping needs depend on the parameters of your tank and how much buildup you have.

How often do I want to clean my aquarium?

We recommend you keep your tank clean as soon as you see signs of an unhealthy build-up occurring in your tank. You want to be able to use your DeepSee Viewer when keeping an eye on your fish and coral — that’s where the Flipper Cleaner and Platinum Scraper come into play.

How do I choose the correct Flipper Cleaner size?

It all depends on the size of your tank, and the strength of the Flipper Cleaner is directly related to how thick your tank wall is.  

Tank wall thickness ¼” (6mm) or less:  Flipper Cleaner Nano (ideal for tanks less than 25 gal)

Tank wall thickness ¼”- ½”:  Flipper Cleaner Standard (usually for tanks 30-150 gal)

Tank wall thickness ½”-1” (12-24mm):  Flipper Cleaner Max (usually tanks more than 150 gal)


When can I expect to receive my order?

We offer detailed delivery options for all orders to keep you informed. We’ll help you determine how quickly you can expect your Flipper Cleaner to arrive while considering where in the world we’re shipping our products.


When do I need to replace the blade on the Flipper Cleaner?

It’s suggested to replace the blades every 3-6 months depending on the amount of use it receives. You’ll know when your blade is getting worn as scraping will become less efficient, just like shaving with a dull razor… ouch! 

Still have more questions?

Reach out to us today, and we’ll answer all your Flipper Aquarium Product needs.

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