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You might have just discovered our products. Or maybe you’ve been using them for a while. More likely than not, you found out about Flipper Aquarium Products via our bestseller, the Flipper Cleaner. 


If you don’t know (or didn’t read our last blog), the Flipper Cleaner works dually as a scrubber and scraper by—you guessed it—magnets. What you may not know is that our Flipper Cleaner comes in three sizes—Nano, Standard, and Max. Which is best for you? The size of your tank will inform that choice, but the process is the same for all three. You scrub it (the glass), flip it (the magnet), and scrape it (the algae deposits). 


Reef Hacks have most kindly summarized it as being “among the most convenient and speedy ways to thoroughly clean the inner walls of any tank.” 


However, we are more than just our magnetic aquarium cleaner (as cool as it is). Our other products also help make aquarium management a breeze. 


The Flipper DeepSee Viewer


Each tank’s particular ecosystem is unique. You spend countless hours meticulously curating and caring for your reef aquarium and its inhabitants. You lovingly hand chose your Cauliflower Colt Coral, Taro Tree Coral, Colony Polyps, clownfish, angelfish, and blenny. But, how often do you really, deeply view your tank?


We created the DeepSee Viewer so reef aquarium lovers like us can fully appreciate their tanks. Using magnets (again), you can attach the optical grade magnifier anywhere in your tank that you’d like to take a closer look. And the 3-inch Nano or 4-inch standard fit to practically any size glass or acrylic tank. As Reef Builders review points out, the DeepSee Viewer is bifocal, which allows for a magnetized view without squinting through one eye. Simply attach it, then watch your corals and fish thrive—up close and personal.


The Flipper Platinum Scraper 


Any reef tank owner knows the dread of seeing algae deposits darkening their crystalline glass. It may even feel like no matter how hard you scrub the deposits come back like noxious weeds in your garden. Whereas the Flipper Cleaner gets to the nitty-gritty (literally) of the tight spaces, the Platinum Scraper works for more extensive areas. The design is simple: a long handle to serve as an extension of your arm with a blade card attached to a flat head, allowing for optimal scraping. Because not all tanks are the same, the handle comes in three lengths, and the head also comes in Nano size. 


And if you run out of the Algae Scraper Replacement Cards? The Platinum Scraper is designed for any standard credit card or gift card to be used instead, making it a long-lasting tool. Plus, as one Amazon reviewer put it, there are “ no worries if they [the fish] brush against it; they will not get injured.” 


Get more done with Flipper 


Our Flipper products are multi-faceted for all your aquarium needs, and we designed our line with a more pleasant tank cleaning experience in mind. Because those delicate ecosystems that you spent hours maintaining deserve to be seen and shared.