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An aquarium is a sacred space for all your marine and freshwater inhabitants, and that means it is essential to keep their tanks clean and ecosystems thriving. At Flipper Aquarium Products, we believe in offering unique products that make aquarium maintenance easy and efficient. 

Our patented Flipper Cleaner and patent-pending Platinum Scraper make your cleaning job easier and faster than ever. Once your aquarium is sparkling clean, see detail like never before with our line of DeepSee Viewers!


Innovating Aquarium Maintenance 


Personalize the size of the Flipper Cleaner to match the size of the tank. Find the perfect Platinum Scraper length and then choose from one of our two DeepSee Viewer sizes. You’ll experience your aquarium like never before.


The Flipper Cleaner


We offer the patented Flipper Cleaner in three different sizes. Available in Nano, Standard, and Max, our signature two-in-one magnetic cleaner is an essential aquarium cleaning tool. The Flipper Cleaner’s unique design removes pesky coralline algae with ease. Not to mention, you’ll never have to get your arms and hands wet while cleaning your tank again.


DeepSee Viewer


Available in Nano (3” lens) and Standard (4” lens) held by strong rare earth magnets for rapid, easy positioning anywhere on your tank. The lenses are magnified with 3-4 times the optical grade glass and perfect for aquarium photography.  Also, it’s great for early detection of disease and pests!


Platinum Scraper


This more straightforward approach to aquarium maintenance is excellent for tough-to-reach places. The Platinum Scraper uses any old credit card, gift card, or hotel room key. Safe for both glass and acrylic tanks, slide the card into a secure fit holder and get scraping.  Blades can be inserted in multiple directions… you can even custom cut a blade card to meet the needs of your aquarium.

The Platinum Scraper comes in three different lengths including 10-inches, 18-inches, and 28-inches.


Flipper Products Available Worldwide 


At Flipper, we believe innovative and easy-to-use aquarium maintenance should be accessible to everyone. That’s why our products are available in locations all across the globe.  If you don’t see our products where you live, contact us and we’ll help you out.