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The time has come to announce the 10 Winners of our most recent Flipper Giveaway! 10 lucky aquarists will have the chance to choose any Flipper Aquarium Product of Their Choice for FREE (shipping included)!



Here Are The Winners…

Winners (in order):

  1. Vincy
  2. Buddy
  3. Junaid
  4. Sean Barham
  5. Abby
  6. Lucas
  7. Juan Viera
  8. Luis S.
  9. Steven
  10. Christopher

Each winner will receive an email with more details on how to get their Flipper. Click below for the official page highlighting the winners of the giveaway:


Legitimate Results

It’s imperative that we ensure every giveaway is done fairly. We upload all entries into a system that randomly selects potential winner(s).

If for some reason an entry is ineligible, we will select a random alternate winner from the list for a chance to claim the prize.

Each giveaway we organize comes with an exclusive “Certificate of Validity” that guarantees the authenticity of the event. Click below to view the certificate for this giveaway:


Didn’t Win, But Still Want A Flipper Product?

With all of the entries we receive in our giveaways, it can be hard to count on always winning! However, our Flipper products can be found at many local fish stores around the world.

Alternatively, you can check us out on Amazon to make a purchase directly online:



Thank you to all for participating in our giveaway! Be sure to check us out on Instagram to see posts from aquarists like you enjoying their Flipper Products every day!