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Think back to leaving the local State fair, goldfish in hand, and your smile a mile long. You were excited—you finally had a pet! After much grumbling from your parents about the new addition, they purchased a small plastic tank (not one of the high-quality aquarium products you wanted) from the grocery store for your new, finned friend. It wasn’t much, but it was yours. 


And it was the beginning of your love for fish and aquariums. 


Now, there are countless options on the market for tanks, filtration systems, and aquarium cleaning products. So how do you choose products that work best for you? We’ve compiled a list of the top North American aquarium products to help you do just that.


Best Saltwater Tank


One of the best saltwater tanks on the market is the Fluval Reef M60 Aquarium. As covered by Business Insider, the aquarium gets high marks for its inclusive power filter, protein skimmer, and lighting system. In addition to that perk, the aquarium itself is sleek, easy-to-set-up, and affordable. Whether you have a well-developed saltwater ecosystem, or you’re starting your first saltwater tank, this is a solid choice.


Best Power Filter


Filtering your aquarium is an important step that purifies the water and leaves your systems healthier overall. The Aquarium Store Depot listed the Aqueon QuietFlow as one of the top power filters on the market for its easy-to-find replacement parts, its 3-year warranty, and the LED light display for filter replacement. The Aqueon website boasts their product dampens noise, begins automatically after cleaning, and has a higher flow rate—plus, it filters in five stages for a cleaner environment. 


Best Sea Salt Mixtures 


It may seem simple, but choosing the salt mixture for your tank is vital to your tank’s inhabitants. So, no, you can’t just dump your table salt in and call it good. ranked salt mixes by the best for fish-only tanks, lowest price, and best for heavily-stocked tanks. Instant Ocean products made the list twice with their Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Reef Salt and Instant Ocean Sea Salt for Marine Aquariums. Both products are comparable in cost, size, alkalinity, and calcium and magnesium levels.


Best Thermometer


Another important aquarium tool is a thermometer. Unlike adjusting the thermostat in your home to what ‘feels’ right, the temperature of your aquarium needs to be monitored to specific levels. So, a good thermometer is necessary. The American Thermal Instruments Aquarium Thermometer has a long name for a simple tool. According to Aquarium Advisor reviews, this thermometer is lightweight, easy-to-read, has color-changing crystals, and is accurate. And, for a more basic thermometer, it offers users the option to change its location with the adhesive’s liquid crystals. 


Best Cleaning Supplies


Cleaning your tank is a necessary chore, but can often be an involved process. For us, the Flipper Cleaner takes the (crab) cake in this category. The design of the cleaner— particularly in its Max size—makes it, so you do not even have to get your arms wet in the cleaning process. A review by Reef Builders highlighted the cleaner’s dual magnets (wet and dry) and “sizable scraping blade” that allows users to clean hard-to-reach places. 


There are hundreds of aquarium products on the market to choose from, but informed decisions make the process so much easier. Your tank will thank you.