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The patented Flipper Cleaner is our signature product. Simply rotate the outside handle, and the inner magnetic cleaner Flips from a large polishing scrubber to an algae busting scraper without ever reaching in your tank.  Complete hands dry aquarium cleaning!

Select between the Nano, Standard, or Max when choosing your Flipper Cleaner. Base your choice on the size and wall thickness of your aquarium, while factoring in your specific tanks needs. Once you’ve chosen the proper size, it’s time to get Flipping!


How to Use the Flipper Cleaner


To start using your Flipper Cleaner, slide the cleaning unit inside the tank and press the handle up against the glass. Wait until you’ve made proper magnetic attraction between the handle and scrubbing pad. Once they’re locked in place, you’re ready for the fun part.


Scrub It!


Use the broad scrubbing pad for quick removal of softer algae. Depending on how much algae there is, the scrubber side works excellent throughout most of your daily algae removal. Avoid using the scrubber side near your sand bed.


Flip It!


Flipping is easy, but you have to follow these steps: 

1 ) Move the Flipper Cleaner to the upper areas of your tank away from the sand and gravel, and try to flip in low water flow areas. 

2) With the blade facing down, completely break the magnetic attraction by moving the handle at least 6-inches away from the tank. 

3) Now rotate the handle 180-degrees and place it back on the glass on either side of the inside cleaner. Don’t put the handle directly in front of the cleaner or it will push it away.  The inside cleaner will then Flip back onto your handle ready for more cleaning!


Scrape It!


The scraper side of the blade is perfect for removing hard algae deposits. You can use it carefully near your sand bed. The specially designed safety gap reduces the chance of trapping sand particles and makes your job easier.

Blades can easily be replaced every 3 – 6 months depending on use, to keep your Flipper performing like new.

When you’re finished, slide the Flipper Cleaner into the corner of your tank for safekeeping.  You can store your Flipper Cleaner in the tank without the worry of blade corrosion. Always be observant of any hard deposits or critters that attach to your Flipper Cleaner before attempting to clean again.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Flipper Cleaner is a must-have for every aquarium hobbyist. Flipper offers only the highest quality aquarium products and that’s why we stand behind every product while offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the results, contact Flipper for a full refund or replacement.

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Remember, a clean tank is a happy tank. Your fish friends will thank you for it.