The Flipper Edge is the most versatile aquarium cleaner ever made. Designed For Glass and Acrylic Tanks, the Flipper Edge features a dual blade design for more efficient cleaning. Each unit comes with both stainless steel blades (2) and plastic (2). 


Optical grade magnifying lens, perfect for aquarium photography or just enjoying your tank from a whole new perspective. Available in 3 sizes.


Our aquarium inhabitants appreciate it when we keep their aquariums well-maintained. Cleaning both fresh and saltwater tanks can be a messy task with the wrong tools. Flipper cleaners allow for complete hands-dry cleaning in half the time!


Say goodbye to your old cleaner with all it’s clumsy parts. Simply scrub away soft algae with the cleaning pad. Scrape away tough algae with the scraper. It's the most versatile aquarium cleaner in the world!


Dreading putting your hands in a wet fish tank? Remove algae without getting your hands involved. Who knew cleaning your tank could even be fun!


You’ll never look back! Precise, powerful and agile. Daily maintenance AND tough algae removal. Compare the Flipper with other brands and see why Flipper is the best!


Scrub it: The large scrubbing / polishing cloth is ideal for quick removal of daily film algae buildup! The pad can be used throughout most of the tank, but we recommend flipping to the blade side when cleaning anywhere near the sand to avoid sand getting trapped in the pad.

Flip it: 1. Start the Flip with the blade facing down since that is the natural orientation of Flipper.
2. Flip in the upper areas of your tank away from sand and gravel,and in areas of low water current.
3. When flipping, completely break the magnetic attraction by moving the handle at least 6" away from the tank wall before rotating the handle.Watch our helpful videos for even more tips!

Scrape it: The stainless steel scraper is ideal for removing hard algae deposits throughout your tank. The blade side of Flipper also has a safety gap which helps prevent sand trapping and reduces the chance of scratching. Thus, we recommend using only the blade side of Flipper when working near the sand line.


I have tried them all, magna scraper, mag float, mag float scrape and the smaller version of flipper. This is by far the best product. It scrapes coralline algae without effort. It is large 6.5x3, and recommend it on large tanks. Worth the money.
I've been in this hobby for more than a decade and this product is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made. Buy it now! You will be happy you did.
Let me just say that this thing works perfectly. I'm usually very worried about scratching the glass with sand with other scrappers, but this one eliminates that fear. Not only that, but I only need to do 2-3 scraps to eliminate that pesky coraline algae. Otherwise it takes 1 pass to remove all other kinds of algae and makes for keep the glass clean a breeze.
Made easy work of the coralline build up on my glass. Works as well as I could have expected.
Throw out all other glass cleaning magnets and long handled scrapers. Or save money and buy this one from the get go if starting out in the hobby. I wish this product was available 13 years ago when I first set up my tank. I would not have the handful of scratches from my old cleaning practices. I can not comment on the effectiveness on acrylic tanks as mine is glass.
I'm in a bit of disbelief. I have a very deep freshwater tank and for years have scrubbed the bloody thing with manual scrapers until my hands and arms cramped. I've tried other magnetic scrapers but none worked well enough. This losing battle led me to give up mostly and only scrub clean for viewing, and that only occasionally. Fed up I searched Amazon based on customer reviews and found this. While pricey, I thought I'd try it in case it actually worked. And...IT DOES! I was giggling and hollering as I easily cleaned parts of my tank that has haunted me for years. It's not perfect, as sometimes you have to try different angles, but it's simple and effective. LOVE IT!
I have a saltwater bow front tank. And as all of you bow front users know, getting a scraper of any sort for this kind of aquarium is impossivle, nothing is shaped for it, except for this thing. The scraper works like magic on my bow front. usually I had to detach a scraper from the long arms of other scrapers and put my hand in the tank. But that's not needed anymore. This thing is a must have, I know the price is steep but you won't regret it
This is AMAZING! After using run of the mill magnetic cleaners and wand style steel bladed scrapers on my glass tank, I had gotten to the point where I was not looking forward to glass duty. It's messy and only marginally effective. I received this in the morning, placed it in the tank, and 5 minutes later, all my glass was clean. DONE. It WORKS. This is only useful for flat pane tanks. I don't think this would work well at all with rounded panels of any kind. It does come with both a stainless steel and plastic scraper attachment so you can scrape your plastic walls as well. I highly recommend you pull this out of your tank after use. It will last much longer. Whatever you do, don't leave the the side with the blade pressed up against the wall. I can imagine this would ruin the precise angle and pressure being applied over time.
The flipper scrapper is fantastic! The scraper cuts through coralline algae with ease. The flipping function is nice, because it allows you to switch between a scraper and a scrubber without even getting your hands wet. When using the scrapping side the flipper distributes its force along the blade and two small rubber balls. This greatly reduces the chances of scratching do to a piece of sand getting stuck between the flipper and your glass. It also puts more force on the blade which allows it to cut through algae more easily. Another great feature of the flipper is how thin it is. Its thinness allows me to clean areas that used to be unreachable due to limited space between the rock and the glass. Overall I really like the flipper. I would recommend it to anyone with an aquarium. It is definitely worth the price