Review of Flipper Aquarium Mats on BRStv

Give your feet a BREAK! In today's product spotlight, Thomas is showing you how to do just that using Flippers anti-fatigue floor mats. Coming in two different saltwater fish designs, your feet will thank you during your next marathon of reef tank maintenance. Give your feet a rest and check it out right here!

Flipper Magnetic Frag Station on BRStv

Let's frag those over grown corals! In today's product spotlight, Thomas is showing off the magnetic frag station from the fine folks over at Flipper. Not only will this station act as a traditional, magnetic frag rack, but there is also an external work surface so that you can get propagating!

Flipper Edge Max on BRStv

Make cleaning your aquarium glass even EASIER! Today, join Thomas as he shows off the amazing new Edge aquarium scraper from the fine folks over at Flipper. Safe for both glass and acrylic reef tanks, you'll be able to clean up the toughest algae in no time!

Flipper Edge Max Review

Flipper Edge Max Review by Terrence from Real Reefing. Terence takes a look at the Flipper Edge Max Limited Edition, a new algae scraper. See all the new features they have baked into this one that will likely be the last scraper you will ever need to buy.

Reef Test: The new Flipper Edge!

Cam Reef Tests the brand new Flipper Edge magnetic glass cleaner! There is something oddly satisfying about cleaning the algae on your aquarium glass when the motion is fluid and you don't need to do a million pass overs!

DeepSee Viewer Review by Eat Sleep Reef

Here we take a look at the new DeepSee Viewer.

Flipper Float Review

Your Flipper Magnet Cleaner Now Floats So You Don't Have to Dig in the Tank to Get It Back.

2 New Flipper Products - Frag Rack & Max Edge!

In this video I showcase 2 brand new products from Flipper - a company well known in the reefing world for their revolutionary magnet cleaners that "flip" from a blade wielding side to the softer scrubbing pad side with ease.

Review of Flipper Platinum Scrapers on BRStv

Scraping tough reef tank & saltwater aquarium algae is no joke! In today's video, Thomas is showing off the awesome line up of Platinum hand scrapers from Flipper. Coming in four different lengths, these awesome aquarium maintenance tools do things just a bit differently and you can check it all out right here!