Flipper Magnetic Frag Station - Frag Rack with Removeable Shelf - Holds 14 Frags

$ 59.99

Fl!PPER Magnetic Frag Station Frag Rack is designed to securely hold up to 14 frags for easy observation, acclimation, and display. Perfect for glass or acrylic aquarium walls up to 3/8” thick. Perfectly sized for most standard frag plugs and discs (20-30mm, 38mm round plus 20mm square discs can be accommodated). Unique external fragging / utility shelf with simple slide on/off attachment works as a great workspace to help with various aquarium projects. Made with high-quality acrylic and strong watertight sealed rare earth magnets. Happy Fragging!

  • Magnetic Frag Station Rack Holds 14 Frag Plugs
  • Includes Removable External Fragging Tray
  • For Use on Glass & Acrylic Aquarium Walls Up to 3/8" Thick
  • Tray Weight Capacity = 12oz.
  • Black & Black / Blue versions